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Top Line Concrete Tools and methods have been used worldwide in the concrete finishing industry for over 30 years

Top Line Concrete Tools will enable you to:

  • Reduce job time;
  • Increase profits;
  • Gain more control over your finishing.

Ours is a standup system of tools with 360° capabilities. When used properly, in many instances you will:

  • Eliminate kneeboard use;
  • Greatly reduce back fatigue;
  • Minimize muscle strain accidents;
  • The stainless steel construction prevents rust, pitting and corrosion and can be easily cleaned with little or no water;
  • All hand held tools (groovers, mag floats, edgers) come with our exclusive handle, guaranteed not to crack;
  • The Top Line product is committed to the professional tradesman who takes pride in their work.

Tough tools for a tough trade… for a top finish!